The origin of Los Blanco


I have very good memories about the four years I lived in Beijing, but I also remember how difficult it was to find a shoe of my number, the 7 size.

I remember that a great friend took me to one of the best “Shoesmaker” in the city, It was there where I made my first shoes and also where I first came into contact with the manufacture of handmade shoes. After the success that they had and my passion for fashion, the idea of ​​dedicating myself to the world of footwear begins to hover in my head.

One afternoon I found some letters in one of the most prestigious jewelries in the city and it occurred to me to add my initials to my next shoes.
Unfortunately when I commented my idea with the “Shoesmaker” was not very to his liking, it turns out that one of the most popular insults in China can be transcribed as SB, exactly my initials. So I left with the desire and with the initials in the bag.

Once back in Spain I only had one option, to transform this idea into a way of life, and after visiting a large part of the Elda factories in Alicante with my designs under my arm, I found what really suited my needs, an artisanal product, taken care of down to the smallest detail.
And in this way Los Blanco was born.

Los Blanco is not only a personal project, it is also a tribute to my father, a tenacious and innovative businessman, who created and managed several companies successfully throughout his life, but above all, he was a father who instilled in all of us the strength has a united family, the BLANCO family.

Now that you know us, we hope you will also become part of our family.


Hand made women´s shoes made in Elda, Spain.


So far Canada, United Kingdom, China and  Spain.


Customized your shoes with your own initials.

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